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Hello, everyone! I miss you all so much and I’m so sorry that we won’t be finishing the year together as planned! Our goal is to focus on what we CAN do rather than focusing on the limitations of our current situation. Creativity is the best way to break up the monotony of quarentine, so I have planned about 20-40 minutes of creative activities for guys to enjoy each day. Just use whatever materials are avalible to you. Maybe you have your sketchbook that you could work in, maybe not. Any paper, any pencils or pens that you have will do! If you happen to have other things like colored pencils, paints, crayons, etc. please feel free to use those as well! You are encouraged, but not required to share your work with me by sending pictures to me via email at Also, please feel free to email me with any questions that you may have! 

Monday(4/6)- We are going to recreate famous works of art! Use a camera, or the camera on your phone to recreate a famous painting using things you have around the house! Follow this link for examlpes!

Tuesday(4/7)- Watch this video about Medieval art and answer these questions.

  1. When was the Medieval Period?

  2. Why was most of the Vikings art portable?

  3. Why do you think so much artistic detail was put into the churches during this time?

Wednesday(4/8)- Take a virtual tour of the Vatican Museum! This is a PRICELESS collection of the best art from all over the world! Please enjoy!

Thursday(4/9)- Texture Practice! Use your phone or a camera to take pictures of 6 things around your house or outside that have texture. Examples include: grass, carpet, wood, stones, veggies, etc. Choose three of those images to draw. Draw each in a 3”x3” square and try to draw as much of the texture detail as you can! 

Friday(4/10)- This is Good Friday, we were schedualed to have the day off! Get some Sunshine!