Educational Websites

Hello there! I've added some URL’s of songs that we use in our classroom that relate to the calendar, counting, ABC’s, silly songs, and a song for each new letter they will learn the next few weeks. I've also added some apps that I've found that look meaningful, some at home writing/learning activities, and some educational/fun websites you may enjoy!

If you'll keep scrolling down, you'll see the two websites/apps that your child will be working on for the rest of the school year! -ABCMouse & IXL

To see how to instruct your student on writing the letters, on my page in the Ripley website, view “photo album” 

-Activities for learning letters: Salt writing (write the letters in a tray of salt), Shaving cream writing, Write in chalk, Do a letter scavenger hunt(find the letter or something that starts with the letters' sound), Find the letter in a children's book, Sing the ABC’s together. I've also posted a link to ABC crafts in the “photo album” section of my page in the Ripley website if you want to do some together!

-Days of the week:   

-Months of the year:

-Letters Song w/ sounds:

-Count to 100 song:



Songs for each letter:

-Letter D song:

-Letter L song:

-Letter N song:

-Letter K song:


App Names:

-123 Numbers Count and Tracing

-Trace Letters and Sight Words

-Animal Math Preschool Games


-Science Website:

***They don't have preschool lessons but Kindergarten lessons will work!

-ABC Letter crafts

-Reading app/website we use every week that's FREE& will read to them

ABC Mouse


This is the app/website that you will all use if you have chosen “Internet” as your souce of instruction the remainder of the year. If you chose “Paper packets” as your source, this is still a great app to let your kiddos get extra practice and learning time.

When you go to or on the app, choose “Login” You will use my login to get to the letter of the week. Login is as follows- Username:, Password: ripley 

 ***When you log in, have your child choose their name. Once on their name, choose “Things to do” on the bottom right corner of the screen. Have them work on the activties of the letter we are learning that week.         

Before starting the week’s letter, tell them it’s name (This is the letter ___.) Tell them the sound the letter makes. Then, tell them some words that start with that letter, google some things that start with the letter so they can put a picture to the word. Together, you can think of words that begin with that letters sound. For teaching your child how to write the letter of the week(uppercase and lowercase) please go to my pages tabs and select “Photo Album” and each letter has a photo of how to direct them on writing the letter.

I would recommend letting them spend no more than 15-30 minutes working on these actvities. 

Please have your students on the corresponding letter according to this schedule:

April 6th-10th, Letter D       April 13th-17th, Letter L          April 20th-24th, Letter N            April 27th-May1st, Letter K             

Once your student has completed the activities for that week’s letter, they may choose any other letter or activies on the app. They use this app every day in our classroom so they are familiar with it. 

The manner in which I will monitor their learning will be me checking their activities on ABC mouse. I'm able to see which activities they've completed! 

Please let me know if you have any troubles logging in.



This is a website that we also use in our classroom. Every student has their own login. The logins will be as follows: username: “students first name@rps” password: “students first name".  Example: username: sally@rps, password: sally

On IXL, we use the language arts tab and the mathematics tab (top of page after signing into their account). I have assigned the actvities  in each subject that I would like them to complete. They may choose if they’d like to do math or language arts. The tasks go in order so please just look beside the task and you will see a corresponding letter and number, they go in order. If there is a “100” or a yellow ribbon beside the task, your child has mastered it! 

I would recommend your child spending no more than 15-30 minutes on this website at a time. 

Please let me know if you have any troubles!