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Katie Hoffman

Hey guys!!! Mrs. Hoffman here!!

To begin with, I miss you all very much. I was really looking forward to all the fun things I had planned for the remainder of the year. Sadly, we are going to be required to finish out the school year apart. With that being said, I already have some work posted on our Google Classroom pages. I will attach the Google Classroom log in information on this website, as well as, post some assignments here. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at I check my email every day, so this is a great way to contact me. You can also contact me via Google Classroom if you would like. I hope you enjoy some extra time at home and I really hope you spend a lot of time outside. 

In addition to your assignments, here are a few more things that I would greatly appreciate you doing every day: 

  1. READ!!!! I can’t stress enough the importance of reading! It will help you stay on track with your education. Read 20-30 minutes every day. Whether your read an article, book, recipe, etc… Just READ!! 
  2. Explore outside. I am going to post some what of a project for you all to do outside. Find something interesting that you have never seen before or find very cool and document it. So be ready for that!
  3. Review all the notes we have taken this school year. We created a notes tab for a reason!! Please review them at least once a week. This will help you review important terms and allow you a better opportunity to remember them for next year! 
  4. Ask questions. If you need help from me, ask! If you are confused, ask! If you just want to say hi, then say hi!! I miss you all very much and am happy to contact you as often as you need.
  5. Refer to my school website and/or Google Classroom page for updated assignments and information! 

In closing, remember these things: You are important, you are unique, you are smart, and you are loved! Never forget that! 


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