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Ronda Hill

Welcome to my online classroom.


Hey all!!! So things have changed a bit for us this year. We are challenged to learn something in spite of the coronavirus situation. WE CAN DO THIS!!! We were going to begin learning about Google Slides when we returned to school. Well, since we can't do the traditional learning, let's do something fun!!!

I will begin a slideshow and I want each of you to add to it. You will build your own slide with pictures, text, and transitions. I will give directions on how to do each step and at the end I will compile all of the slides into a slideshow for us to watch. I want to see pictures of what you are doing to pass the time during the stay-in-place order we are under. For example, are you out fishing, gardening, practicing your baseball/softball throws, running, cleaning, etc.? I will be gathering information from those who do not have internet access to be able to add their slides for them. When you are doing your slides, think about what a senior slideshow, or FFA slideshow might look like. This is what we are trying to accomplish but in a collaborative effort. If you want to do more than one slide, I think that would be great, but one each is all I am asking of you. Keep checking Google Classroom for more information on the slideshow.

Also, just another fun thing to help pass your time and maybe help you stay safe while surfing the net when you have nothing else to do, follow this link to the Google Be Internet Awesome page. There is a ton of information available as well as some games to play. Play these games with your younger or older siblings for a break in the monotony of the day.

If you know of a classmate that doesn't have a computer but does has a PS4, XBox1, tablet or smart phone, AND internet access, please let them know that they can access Google Classroom, Google Slides, and Google Be Internet Awesome on any of those devices.

Miss all of you and am looking forward to seeing your smiling faces via pictures!!

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Ronda Hill

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