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  • Brick Pizza Oven we purchased with a $25,000 grant we were awarded for program improvements.
  • Kitchen view.
  • Brick pizza oven.
  • New commercial refrigerator and freezer we purchased with grant money.
  • Kitchen view.
  • Classroom view looking toward kitchen.
  • Classroom view.
  • Kitchen view.
  • Classroom view looking toward kitchen.
  • Easter activity with the Pre-K.  Students are learning about baby chicks.
  • Easter activity with Pre-K in Child Development class.  Students are participating in an activity created by high school students.
  • Making mozzarella in Chemistry of Foods.
  • Vegetable Lab in Culinary Basics.
  • Trying to figure out how to create a lemon puzzle in the fruit lab.
  • Dairy lab (cheesecake) in Chemistry of Foods.
  • Truffles lab in Culinary Basics.
  • Culinary Basics students checking temperature safety zone of the soups they made for the hospitality room.
  • Students making pizza for a luncheon they were catering for our coaches seeding meeting.
  • Pie lab during the lipids unit.
  • FACS Basics students ice dying fabric for a color wheel assignment.
  • Students in FACS Basics labeling colors for the color unit.
  • Labeling fabric colors in FACS Basics.
  • Culinary Basics students with their Tasty Lab dish.
  • Making pasta in Culinary Basics.
  • Using the pasta machine in Culinary Basics.
  • Playing a game called Semester in Review with a Jenga game in Culinary Basics.
  • One of the pies made during the lipids unit in Chemistry of Foods.

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