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Educational Websites


Here is the website if you want your child to continue to take AR tests. 

ABC mouse

Here is the link for ABC mouse. It is free to use as long as you have the code. Please let me know if you want the code and I will get it to you! 

Virtual Museum Tours

This blog post includes 12 famous virtual tours of museums around the world at no cost! 

Spelling City

This website includes many different ways to learn spelling, phonics, writing and vocabulary. I have the code to get the whole website free if you want it just text me. 

Scholastic Science and Social Studies Units

This website has mini units for science and social studies to do at home for 1st and 2nd grade. It includes text, videos and activities to do every day! 

Abdo Bookshelf

This website has free digital books of all genres for children to read. It is free for any user and a great resource to find books about any subjects!

Storyline Online

This website has celebrities reading different books to all ages.


This website allows the students to listen and read stories from all genres of literature. This website can also be used to get AR points. The students have used this website in class.


This website practices 1st-grade math skills in a virtual world setting. The students have used this website in class.


This website covers many different skills such as math, fact fluency, language arts, writing, science and social studies. The students have used this website in class.


This website has math, science, social studies and language arts skills for any grade! The students have used this website in class.


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