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Notes from Ms. Pettyjohn

ClassroomHello little friends (and parents).  

Each week, I will update this page with engaging activites that you can do at home to continue learning while we are not in school.  Please see the “Educational Resources” page for links to online tools for learning.    

The “Reading/Literacy” page will be updated regularly with learning videos and offers posters of phonics skills that we have  learned this year in the classroom.  EPIC also provides a fun and engaging calendar with reading challenges, which is available there as well.  

I am available by messaging through the REMIND app (or email at bottom left) if you have questions, need additional resources or help with signing in to any of our online resources.

Please READ, READ, READ.  I hope you find time to do special things with your family too!  Cook together,  Explore outside.Get creative with art!  I welcome pictures of you anytime through the REMIND app!  I have received many so far, and they make me so happy to see you learning new things!   (((HUGS)))


Ms. Pettyjohn 




April 6th- April 10th –  K-2 Inquiry Choice Board

Below are some ideas for you to work on at home.   Choose one each day or maybe just a couple each week.  It’s up to you and the time you have available.  Keep reading, keep exploring and keep learning new things! 


STEM  (math/science based)

Can you sink a plastic bottle without filling it with water?  No other rules. 

What can you do to the bottle to make it sink?  Why? 






STEM  (math/science based)

As you have a snack, think of addition or subtraction problems you can make by grouping some of the snack items together, or taking some away.  Write down number sentences  [Example: (5-3=2)] as you munch away.



Humanities (social studies, writing, art)

Take a virtual field trip here and tell someone at home all about where you visited and what you learned.  Write about the place using adjectives (describing words).


Reading and Writing 

Use your five senses to explore outside today.   Use adjectives to describe. 

What do you:

see, hear, feel, taste, smell?

What colors do you see?  

What shapes do you see? 

Pick a topic that you are interested in (rocks, birds, tigers, Legos, etc.) and make this chart, writing or drawing pictures about the topic under each heading. 

I see  -- I think  -- I wonder 

Extension:  Make I Spy binoculars from toilet paper rolls.


Collect different colors of construction paper and lay them in the sun.  Place an ice cube in the middle of each paper.  Start a timer or count as the ice cubes melt.  Which melted first?  Last?  Why ?



Draw a map to your friend’s house or hide something inside your house and draw a map to find it. 

Challenge someone to use your map to find your “treasure”. 


Read a book to a stuffed animal or pet.  

Talk about the characters and setting.



Shanel Marlow

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