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Dear Music Students,

I want you all to know how much I miss you. I miss seeing your faces, singing together, hugs and serving up popcorn and snow cones to you! My hope is that you are all staying safe, and that you are still listening to, singing and playing music. It's such an important time to keep music going in your day. It will lift your spirits and help to keep your hearts happy. I'm sending you some suggestions for doing that. If you would like to share any of those things that you are doing with me, my email and phone number is below. Please send me pictures and/or videos of the ways you are keeping music in your day. I'm thinking about you every single day and if you need me- send me an email, text or call. Love to you all. Stay well.

Mrs. Elliott

Email- elliotta@ripley.kl

Text - 918-691 -6994


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