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Carolyn Lunsford

            "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never           

                       tried anything new." - Albert Einstein                        

Hello there!  I hope that you are doing well.  I wish we were able to finish the school year in the classroom, but I realize that learning happens in many places and in many ways.

After considerable thought, I have come up with a plan to help you continue to learn without direct instruction from me.  I will include one new concept each week, along with some review of material we learned earlier in the school year.  There are many opportunities for you to help improve your grade.

You may return completed assignments to me in the manner that is easiest for you.  You may drop them off at the school, mail them in, or take photos of completed work and send it by e-mail or text them to my cell phone.  I have made all of the material available through google classroom.  I am sure many of you are experienced at using that format, so let me know if anything does not look right or I need to change something.  I appreciate any help you will offer.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you have.  You may e-mail me or text/call my cell phone.  Please tell me what assignment and problem that you need help with.  I will do my best to get back with you in a timely manner.

I am also making all assignments from the last topic that we covered before spring break available to give you the opportunity to improve your grade.  I will accept assignments through May 13.  Please work on these regularly, so that you do not run out of time.  I have broken up the assignments by week to allow you to pace yourself.

I will not be assigning any problems from the textbook, so please bring those to the school as soon as possible.  You may keep it as a resource, just be sure to turn it in before May 13.

Finally, please do not feel overwhelmed with the assignments.  Do the best you can and ask for help.  Together we are going to adapt and be successful!


Carolyn Lunsford

(405) 612-8261 (cell)


Google Classroom Codes:

Algebra 1 :      3oosyep

Geometry :      evvuwe5

Algebra 2 :      glpt6wb



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