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To All my students who need to turn in lessons to me, this is a pretty easy way to do it. Families doing paper packets at home: An EASY way to send pics of your child’s schoolwork to their teachers: 1. Go to the Notes app on your phone 2. Open a new Note and title it with your child’s name 3. Press the camera icon and ‘scan document’ 4. Scan ALL work needing turned in. 5. Send the note to child’s teacher. One file with all the completed work. The scan feature makes super clear copies.  My cell is 918-285-1721.  You can also email your work to me at or


  • April 6th – May 1st
    • ​Read Sounder

  • Do Daily Worksheets

  • Do Daily Questions

  • May 4th – May 13th
    • ICAP Essay

  • All About Me Questions



  • April 6th – April 17th:
    • Read “The Man Without A Country”

  • Do “The Man Without A Country” worksheets

  • April 20th – May 1st:
    • Watch “Dances With Wolves” on YouTube

  • Do “Dances With Wolves” worksheets

I miss you all!  Love, Mrs. H


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