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Educational Websites

Image that corresponds to SeeSaw

This is how we do our class communication throughout the year with myself and parents. The students can also log into their “class app” by going to and entering their username and password to access additional activities and videos from class. If you have any questions about logging your child in, please let me know.

Journeys Reading Resources
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These are all resources that will go along with their Reader’s Notebooks.

Leveled Readers:

Book 1:

Book 2:


Oklahoma State Department of Education Home Learning
Image that corresponds to Oklahoma State Department of Education Home Learning

This website is Oklahoma State Department of Education’s support website for distance learning containing family guides for Pre-K thru 6th grade.

Image that corresponds to Gonoodle

A fun online resource full of movement and mindfulness, videos, and brain breaks that the kids love getting down to. 

Image that corresponds to IXL

This website is a great resource to practice grade level skills with aligned standards in math, language arts, science, and social studies. 

Image that corresponds to Epic!

This website is an excellent resource for accessing free books online. The students can choose to listen or read stories from all genres of literature. We have used this all year and students access this site using our class code: nuh7750.

Brain Pop Jr.
Image that corresponds to Brain Pop Jr.

Great online resource with animated curriculum-based content that is aligned to state standards using engaging videos across a variety of topics with interactive quizzes, activities, and games designed for grades K-3. 

Moby Max
Image that corresponds to Moby Max

This website covers many different skills including math, fact fluency, language arts, writing, science, and social studies. 

ABC Mouse
Image that corresponds to ABC Mouse


Storyline Online
Image that corresponds to Storyline Online

This is a wonderful literacy website which provides storytelling with interactive videos and resources to foster a love of reading in children.

Star Fall
Image that corresponds to Star Fall


     We use this website in class, so all of the students should be able to navigate through it pretty much on their own. This is a great website to help students with letter recognition and letter sound knowledge. This sight also is great for helping students with sight word recognition and reading fluency. Plus the kids think this sight is very fun!
TVO Kids
Image that corresponds to TVO Kids


This website offers games that educate children in literacy, math, arts and crafts, music, science, animals, and more.  
PBS kids
Image that corresponds to PBS kids


This website allows the students to watch educational videos and play games that associate with the videos they watch.
Learning Planet
Image that corresponds to Learning Planet


Make sure that you choose the “student” tab at the top of the page for the activities. This website is great for practicing letter naming and letter recognition, as well as counting and numbers.    
Disney Go
Image that corresponds to Disney Go


This website has games that practice conceptual thinking and fine motor skills with characters that the students recognize and love.        
Scholastic Online
Image that corresponds to Scholastic Online


Parents will probably have to help their child find the activities on this website. If you click on the “kids” tab at the top of the page and then click “games” from the dropdown menu, it will take you to the page of activities. This page offers games that correlate with different books that the students have read, or will read.     
Fisher-Price Online Activities
Image that corresponds to Fisher-Price Online Activities


This site is directed more towards younger children. It includes activities that involve shapes, colors, conceptual thinking, and fine motor skills.   

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